If you are familiar with being in the kitchen, then I'm sure you will agree when I say, having a great blade to chop onions, mince herbs, or to simple dice an heirloom tomato with, is essential! I recently became acquainted with a beautiful blade known as the Kitaoka Damascus Deba Knife. This handmade blade is about 200 milometers of beautiful Japanese steel with a wooden handle. When holding the Deba in your hand, your skin can actually feel and the Rosewood an Paaka Wood Ferrule which makes it easy to grip. The Deba knives are among the traditional Japanese knives & we all know the japanese makes some of the best steel. The Deba knife is close to a Chef's knife in appearance, and can be used to also chop meat. I use my Deba for almost everything in my kitchen, from slicing a grilled cheese sandwich in half, to fileting a fish, no job is too big or too small for my Deba.

If you are in the food business, or you're just someone who loves to cook & knows their way around the kitchen, I would say, getting your hands on a Deba knife has great rewards. Each time I share a photo on social media with this blade, I get rave questions, compliments, and admiration because, let's just face it, the Deba is a bit of eye candy to someone who loves a a great kitchen tool.

Finding this little Japanese beauty is quite easy, or at least one just like it. I've found a few sites that have them available. Of course you can pretty much find anything on www.ebay.com these days, but www.amazon.com is a sure way to have it at your door in two days for Amazon Prime members.