So I live in Texas, so basically Biscuits is just a part of my genetic background, I mean, I grew up eating biscuits for breakfast AND dinner, who didn't? My Aunt Edna made the best biscuits ever! We would literally stand around the kitchen or wait around in the very next room to get her biscuits hot out of the oven whenever she baked them. It was one of my favorite childhood memories. The recipe I use to bake biscuits has no secrets, no fancy techniques, just a super easy, home-made biscuit recipe.

One tip I will share is: ALWAYS use real unsalted butter & not that fake stuff like margarine. Always use Buttermilk and not whole milk, use a self-rising flour & sift it, I prefer using White Lily flour. When cutting the biscuits try not to twist your biscuit cutter through the dough, this technique helps keep the dough from breaking. When placing them on the sheets to bake or in the skillet (whichever you use to bake them in) be sure to place them closely to each other, this helps keep the moisture in when they start to rise.